Manpower Contract


Aviation is the activities surrounding mechanical flight and the aircraft industry. Aircraft includes fixed-wing and rotary-wing types, morphable wings, wing-less lifting bodies,

Ground Handling

The Service demanded in Ground Handling like Cargo Handling Services , Cabin Cleaning/ Dressing Services, Aircraft Exterior Cleaning Services, Ramp Handling etc..

House Keeping Services

The Service demand in Housekeeping Services like Offices / Complex Cleaning Services., Building/Catering Units Cleaning Services, MNC /Malls Cleaning Services etc.....

Fourth Class Staff

The Services demanded in fourth class staff like Peon, Sweeper, Helper, Packer, Driver. etc...

Clerical Services

The Service demanded in Clerical Services like Receptionist, Typist, Computer Operator, Storekeeper, Assistant, Office Coordinator etc...

Management Services

The Service demand in management services like Senior Staff, Marketing Staff, HR, Controller, Supervisor, Medical & Health Service Manager etc..

Computer Services

The services demanded in Computer Services like Accounts payable/receivable, Data entry, Data management, Data visualization, Digital calendars (Google, Outlook, etc.), Email communication, Microsoft Office, Spreadsheets, Typing, Word processing, Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Programmer, Software Developer, Networking etc

Technical/Industrial Services

The services demanded in Technical/Industrial Services like Electrician, AC Mechanic, Machine Operator, Driver, Production Management, Quality Control, Quality Management, Project Manager, Development Manager etc…