Hong Kong

Hong Kong Special body Region of the People’s Republic of China (HKSAR), could be a metropolitan space and special body region of the People’s Republic of China on the japanese Pearl stream Delta of the South China ocean. With over seven.5 million folks of assorted nationalities in a very 1,104-square-kilometre (426 sq mi) territory, city is one in all the foremost densely inhabited places within the world. city became a colony of British people Empire when the Qing dynasty Empire ceded city Island at the top of the primary controlled substance War in 1842. The colony distended to the Kowloon terra firma in 1860 when the Second controlled substance War, and was more extended once United Kingdom obtained a 99-year lease of the New Territories in 1898. the full territory was transferred to China in 1997. As a special body region, city maintains separate governing and economic systems from that of China beneath a principle of “one country, 2 systems”.

Originally a sparsely geographic area of farming and fishing villages, the territory has become one in all the world’s most important money centres and business ports. it’s the world’s tenth-largest businessperson and ninth-largest bourgeois. city encompasses a major capitalist service economy defined by low taxation and trade, and its currency, the city dollar, is that the eighth most listed currency within the world. city is home to the second-highest variety of billionaires of any town within the world, the very best variety of billionaires of any town in Asia, and therefore the largest concentration of immoderate high-net-worth people of any town within the world. though the town has one in all the very best per capita incomes within the world, severe financial gain difference exists among its residents.

Hong Kong could be a extremely developed territory and ranks fourth on the international organization Human Development Index. {the town|the town|town} conjointly has the biggest variety of skyscrapers of any city within the world, and its residents have a number of the very best life expectations within the world. The dense area conjointly diode to a developed transportation network with conveyance rates extraordinary ninety %. city is graded sixth within the world money Centres Index and is graded fourth in Asia when Yedo, Shanghai and Singapore.


Hong Kong encompasses a wet semitropic climate (Köppen Cwa), characteristic of southern China. Summer is hot and wet, with occasional showers and thunderstorms and heat air from the southwest. Typhoons occur most frequently then, typically leading to floods or landslides. Winters square measure delicate and typically sunny at the start, changing into cloudy towards February; Associate in Nursing occasional polar front brings sturdy, cooling winds from the north. the foremost temperate seasons square measure spring (which are often changeable) and time of year, that is usually sunny and dry. once there’s precipitation, that is very rare, it’s sometimes at high elevations. city averages one,709 hours of sunshine per year; the very best and lowest recorded temperatures at the city Observatory square measure thirty six.6 °C (97.9 °F) on twenty two August 2017 and zero.0 °C (32.0 °F) on eighteen Jan 1893. the very best and lowest recorded temperatures altogether of city square measure thirty-nine.0 °C (102 °F) at soil Park on twenty two August 2017,  and −6.0 °C (21.2 °F) at Tai Mo Tai on 24 Jan 2016.


Hong Kong is defined as a hybrid of East and West. ancient Chinese values emphasising family and education mix with Western ideals, together with economic liberty and therefore the rule of law. though the overwhelming majority of the population is ethnically Chinese, city has developed a definite identity. The territory diverged from the land thanks to its long amount of colonial administration and a distinct pace of economic, social, and cultural development. thought culture comes from immigrants originating from numerous elements of China. This was influenced by British-style education, a separate form of government, and therefore the territory’s fast development throughout the late twentieth century. Most migrants of that era fled poorness and war, mirrored within the prevailing perspective toward wealth; Hongkongers tend to link self-image and decision-making to material edges.  Residents’ sense of native identity has markedly enlarged post-handover: fifty three per cent of the population determine as “Hongkongers”, whereas eleven per cent describe themselves as “Chinese”. The remaining population purport mixed identities, twenty three per cent as “Hongkonger in China” and twelve per cent as “Chinese in Hong Kong”.

Traditional Chinese family values, together with family honour, filial piousness, and a preference for sons, square measure prevailing. Nuclear families square measure the foremost common households, though multi-generational and extended families aren’t uncommon. religious ideas like principle square measure observed; large-scale construction comes typically rent consultants to make sure correct building positioning and layout. The degree of its adherence to principle is believed to see the success of a business. Bagua mirrors square measure often accustomed deflect evil spirits, and buildings typically lack floor numbers with a 4; the quantity encompasses a similar sound to the word for “die” in Yue.


Hong Kong features a extremely developed, subtle transport network. Over ninety per cent of daily journeys square measure created on transport, the very best share within the world. The Octopus card, a contactless sensible payment card, is wide accepted on railways, buses and ferries, and might be used for payment in most retail stores.

The Mass Transit Railway (MTR) is an intensive traveler rail network, connecting ninety three railroad line stations throughout the territory. With a daily ridership of over 5 million, the system serves forty one per cent of all transportation passengers within the town associate degreed has an on-time rate of ninety nine.9 per cent. Cross-boundary train service to Shenzhen is obtainable by the East road, and longer-distance inter-city trains to Kuangchou, Shanghai, and Beijing square measure operated from decorated Hom Station. Connecting service to the national high-speed rail system is provided at West Kowloon railroad terminal.

Although transport systems handle most traveler traffic, there square measure over five hundred,000 personal vehicles registered in city. vehicles drive on the left (unlike in earth China), thanks to historical influence of British Empire. vehicular traffic is extraordinarily engorged in urban areas, exacerbated by restricted area to expand roads associate degreed an increasing range of vehicles. quite eighteen,000 taxicabs, simply placeable by their bright color, square measure authorised to hold riders within the territory. Bus services operate quite 700 routes across the territory,  with smaller public lightweight buses (also called minibuses) serving areas customary buses don’t reach as oftentimes or directly.  Highways, organized with the city Strategic Route and Exit number representation system, connect all major areas of the territory. The Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge provides an immediate route to the western aspect of the Pearl watercourse water.

Hong Kong International airdrome is that the territory’s primary airdrome. Over a hundred airlines operate flights from the airdrome, as well as regionally based mostly People’s Republic of China Pacific (flag carrier), city Airlines, regional carrier People’s Republic of China Dragon, low-priced airline HK specific and product airline Air city. it’s the eighth-busiest airdrome by traveler traffic, and handles the foremost air-cargo traffic within the world. Most personal recreational aviation traffic flies through Shek Kong flying field, below the management of the city Aviation Club.

The Star Ferry operates 2 lines across Victoria Harbour for its fifty three,000 daily passengers. Ferries conjointly serve far islands inaccessible by alternative suggests that. Smaller kai-to boats serve the foremost remote coastal settlements. Ferry jaunt possession and mainland China is additionally out there. Junks, once common in city waters, aren’t any longer wide out there and square measure used in private and for tourists.

The Peak Tram, Hong Kong’s initial transport system, has provided funicular rail transport between Central and Victoria Peak since 1888. The Central and Western District has an intensive system of escalators and moving pavements, as well  as the Mid-Levels escalator (the world’s longest out of doors lined escalator system). city Tramways covers some of city Island. The MTR operates its lightweight Rail system, serving the northwestern New Territories.